Saturday, 28 January 2012

The New Women's Number 1

I didn't want to watch the finals because of the screaming, but I still watched it. I couldn't not watch it, just because of the screaming (I'm brave like that).

I was team Vika, not the massivest fan of Sharapova, although she is absolutely inspirational with her determination :)

The new champion will also be number 1 as of Monday. She's one lucky girl - first major and the number 1 title all at once :)

Ms Jelena xx


  1. I couldn't watch cause of the screaming either but I am glad someone other than Sharapova. I think shes had her time and it's nice to see someone else number 1 :)

  2. Love Tennis! and love Novak!! :-)

    New post up on my blog

  3. Eee, ti tenis a ja sam se posvetila klizanju, Plušenko ljubav moja <3

  4. thank you for the lovely comment. I am now your new follower :)

  5. i really love your blog! i'm following!


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