Sunday, 25 March 2012

Australis Lip Travel Case

In my grateful post, I wrote about cheap thrills, so I thought I'd share one of them with you!!! Look what I found at Priceline the other day - Australis Lip Travel Case!! And it was only $5. I just had to buy it.

I adore Australis products and they never disappoint me, they are my favourite low-end make up brand and their lipglosses are fantastic! From this collection, I have Lambada, Moonwalk and Disco in full sizes and I have a few lippies as well. Really good quality, and they smell divine!!!

So this little travel case contains five mini glosses: Contemporary, Lambada, Bellydance, Jazz and Bollywood. Here are the swatches:

Contemporary, Lambada, Bellydance, Jazz and Bollywood 

I already had Lambada, so out of all these my new favourite would have to be Bellydance, it's beautiful, but not over the top in your face.

I'm so happy with this purchase and it will go straight into my handbag to be used when out and about :)

Have you tried Australis lipglosses? Do you like them?

Ms Jelena xx


  1. I have this too, and it is so amazing! I love this range of glosses from Australis, and this makes me want to buy all the colours

  2. ohh so pretty!
    you really have a knack of finding great bargains!
    do australis lipglosses dry your lips out at the end of the day?

  3. A stvarno dobro izgledaju, ovi tamniji su mi <3

  4. What a bargain! I think I need one of those in my life :(
    I haven't tried them before but how bad can a lipgloss be!?

  5. wow $5, what a bargain! If my local one has any, i'll get one... but i doubt it lol! Lucky :)

  6. Bollywood and Bellydance are my faves, I'm going on the hunt for them!

  7. Tamni je najlepsi!


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